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What is the best longboard for girls?

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Although this is not what happens in most cases, generally speaking, a girl usually has certain physical traits that are quite different compared to a boy. Hence, we all need different items specially made for each gender.

This also apply to longboard, as the slim and usually short frame of a girl requires longboards that provide better control and stability than those made for boys.

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To help beginner girl skateboarders in selecting their first longboard, in this post, we’ll be providing a detailed guide of what is the best longboard for girls. Stay tuned for more useful information.

How to choose longboard for girls?

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Skateboard Shop Near Me The Best Skate Shops Near You!

For most of the time, longboards are usually assembled from different components. So it’s good to know what are the qualities of those components that you should be looking for when building your board.

The deck

When it comes to longboard deck, there are many different types of decks that feature different characteristics which might or might not be suitable for a girl. Generally speaking, you can choose any kind of deck, just make sure that comes with the suitable features:


The size of the deck shouldn’t be too long, having a long deck makes it extremely difficult to maintain good control, especially when you start learning tricks. However, if you’re only going to cruising on your board then a longer and wider deck would provide a more stable and relaxing cruising experience. In additions, having a broader deck also allows for more space to stand on it, thus those who love dancing on their board would find these decks useful.


Since girls are usually physically more fragile than boys, it might be difficult for them to carry a heavy and bulky longboard around. Thus, you should choose boards that come with a relatively lightweight to make it easier to move them around. This can be compensated by buying thinner decks. And don’t worry about its durability since girls are also lighter than boys.


For most of the time, the deck should be constructed from Maple plywood or high-quality carbon fiber materials. This allows for maximum durability as well as responsiveness for the board. For girl skateboarders, bamboo boards can also be a good choice since they come with lightweights and impressive responsiveness. And you also don’t have to worry about the durability as a girl’s lightweight would make these boards extremely durable.

The trucks

the traditional way of mounting a skateboard truck
the traditional way of mounting a skateboard truck

There are many different ways to classify skateboard trucks judging on the height, the construction, and likewise. Here’ll we be showing two types of trucks based on the way they’re mounted.

Top mount

This is the traditional way of mounting a skateboard truck, in which, the truck is installed on the bottom of the deck. It allows for a higher board, making it easier to mount taller wheels. And taller wheels enable for better speed.

Drop through

Drop through trucks is installed by dropping the trucks on top of the deck. This reduces the height of the board, making it closer to the ground. Having these trucks on your board would enhance stability. And with drop through decks, you would still have that available space to install larger without being limited by the low trucks.

The bearings

Another important gear when it comes to longboarding is the bearings. These are the small components installed between the wheels and the trucks. They’re responsible for generating and enhancing the rotation momentum, thus every longboard should have them.

Bearing types

Inside the bearings, there are small balls that, when your wheels rotate, will create momentum for maximizing their speed. The balls are usually made from metal or ceramic with each has its own advantages. While ceramic balls often perform better and more durable, metal balls come with relatively cheaper pricing. So it’s a matter of personal preference.

ABEC ratings

Another factor that we usually hear about when selecting the bearings is the ABEC ratings. This scale determines the functionality of bearings from the worst to best. However, from my experiences, you shouldn’t care too much about these figures when selecting your bearings.

The reason being that the ABEC ratings are mostly for the tolerances and precision of the bearings. Higher ABEC ratings mean that the bearings would have better precision and small tolerances, this allows for the bearings to function well in extremely high speed of 20 to 30,000 RPM. So unless you’re going to ride on your board with a jet on your back, you won’t have to worry about this.

The wheels

the hardness of skateboard wheels
the hardness of skateboard wheels

When it comes to skateboard wheels there are only two different factors that require your attention which is the sizes and hardness of the wheels. Most wheels are either made from polyurethane or urethane so they’ll have the same physical features.


Most longboards for girls should come with large wheels with a big profile. This allows for maximum stability when cruising. The large profile is also effective when dealing with a bumpy road. And if you prefer more speed, you can choose wheels with high diameter. Just keep in mind that they would be a little harder to control.


To measure the hardness of skateboard wheels, they use the durometer. For girl’s longboard, you should get relatively soft wheels with a rating of 50-60A. This allows for extremely smooth cruising experience.

Grip tape

If you’re planning to do to tricks on your board, it’s important to have good grip tape on it. This would allow for better control as well as stability when doing tricks. However, strong grip tape would also tear up your shoes relatively quick. Hence, if you’re only in for cruising which doesn’t require a strong grip tape, you might want to reduce the grip level.

And if you care a lot about styles, it might be cool to switch to a penny board instead of your regular longboard.

A few simple maintenance tips

a smooth and continuous riding experience
a smooth and continuous riding experience

Although girls are typically good at keeping their board protected, it wouldn’t hurt to know one or two simple maintenance tips.

Clean the bearings

Since the bearings are responsible for allowing a smooth and continuous riding experience, you should take good care of them. Every once in a while, you should take the bearings out and give them a little cleaning. This would get rid of the dirt and excess water inside the bearings, making them last longer. You can also change the greases to make the bearings smoother.

Clean the grip tape

Having a dirty grip is not only bad for your looks but also reduces your control over your board. Hence, you should clean it with grip gum to get rid of the dust. With just simple maintenance, you’ll have a cleaner and more effective grip tape.

And that’s how you choose the best longboard for girls, hope you benefit from our post. Thanks, and we’ll see you in our future posts.


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